Prevention of labour risks

The Spanish Strategy for Safety and Health at Work for the period 2014-2020, is based on the knowledge that prevention and collaboration are two values that should guide all preventive actions. The improvement of working conditions reduces the cost derived from work accidents and occupational diseases and, therefore, should serve as a catalyst for increasing productivity and generating employment, as well as improving the quality of work. life of the workers.
To contribute to the achievement of these objectives, the Mutual Societies of Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases of the Social Security, we carry out educational activities destined to entrepreneurs, managers and workers of associated companies. We also carry out training activities for the training of self-employed workers. Collaboration with SMEs and companies in sectors with higher accident rates, in dissemination, education and awareness in occupational risk prevention, is part of the objectives of MC MUTUAL of Health and Safety at Work, in accordance with Order TAS / 3623/2006, of November 28, which regulates the preventive activities to be carried out by the Mutual Societies of Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases of the Social Security of this course is in accordance with the provisions of Annex IV, section A, of Royal Decree 39/1997, which approves the Regulation of Prevention Services, constituting the minimum training established for the development of Basic Level functions, but must be complemented with training on specific risks and their prevention in the sector corresponding to the activity of the company, assigned in the subap Article III, section A of Annex IV.

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